The Stockholm Jacket

Q) Firstly congratulations on 10 years in business, I believe there is an interesting story behind the origins of The Terrace store and where it began?

A) It all began at a stadium where one supporter saw the need for his club to make money off season, the club AIK back then in 2007 started the store together with this supporter that was already involved in the retail industry. Then in 2010 I bought the store from AIK and have owned it since then.

Q) What was your career before The Terrace?

A) I was at sports retailer at Intersport so the step to The Terrace was not so far since I learned a lot about the sports brands at Intersport.

Q) Are there any plans for more stores in Sweden?

A) Yes, there are, for 2018 we will launch our second store, where is still a secret.

Q) Why did you invite Marshall Artist to collaborate for your 10 year anniversary and now you’ve got the jacket what are your thoughts?

A) We prefer to work with partners with great knowledge within the industry and with products suitable for our customers. The Terrace x MA is a perfect match. Being involved with the full process of the making and to see the end product is a great feeling, the jacket is fantastic. 

Q) The Casual scene has been alive & kicking in the UK since the late 70’s and has never gone away, when did you notice the culture becoming popular in Sweden? 

A) It was in the mid 2000´s something happened here with the casual culture, since then we have expanded our concept and are now moving from subculture to what we know there is a demand for, a place between fashion, sport and outdoor.

Q) We notice a lot of UK brands are currently popular in Sweden at present like Marshall Artist, Fred Perry and Lyle & Scott. Are there any Swedish brands we should be on the look out for here in the UK?

A) Yes that’s correct, I think you have more Swedish brands over there than you might know, most well known is probably Fjällräven. There´s an upcoming collab between Swedish brand Peak Performance and Nigel Cabourn, that could be something to look out for. We would like to see more from Swedish brand Tretorn, they have the legacy and could do much more but are stuck with rubber boats.

Q) Music has always been a huge influence on the Casual Scene, who’s your favorite band, album or track of all time? I like Michael Jackson, actually just kidding. Has to be the Happy Mondays for me.

Q) What’s the best jacket you’ve ever owned?

A) It would say one of my old CP-jackets, The Mille Miglia. Great jacket, great history.

Q) With Russia 2018 not far away what do you think of Sweden’s chances of progressing out of possibly the toughest qualifying group alongside France and Holland?

A) Pretty good I would say, Luxembourg took 2 points from France last week so you never know!

Q) Finally and most importantly whats the most important thing to come out of Sweden, Zlatan, Ibrahimovic or The Terrace Stockholm?

A) Easy, one is a king and one is a legend, and the most important… Of course, it’s The Terrace Stockholm.