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Liam Gallagher drops second album

18 Sep 2019

Liam Gallagher Why Me? Why Not. album

Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher is dropping his highly-anticipated second solo album to follow his platinum-selling debut, As You Were.

Why me? Why Not. is available from 20 September, reuniting producers Andrew Wyatt and Greg Kurstin from Gallagher’s first album.

Introspective, easygoing numbers showing Liam’s middle-age emotional intelligence intersperse with poppier tracks, with lyrics featuring as a proverbial poking stick to provoke Noel.

“You’re a snake, you’re a weasel” from Shockwave plays out the on-going family feud with his brother. These contrast with the lyrics from One of Us: “Come on, I know you want more. Come on, and open your door,” suggesting the swaggering Manc is holding out an olive branch.

The first single Shockwave is already creating just that. Since dropping on June 7, the track’s hit #1 on the Official Trending Chart.

Not famous for being humble, Liam tweeted soon after the of the release of Noel’s Black Star Dancing: “Me growing my hair long is more exciting than anything [Noel Gallagher’s] high flying pretend spaced out pancakes will ever do.”

On top of everything, it’s been a busy couple of months for Gallagher, with “rockumentary” As It Was hitting screens on June 6. The 85-minute film documents Liam’s iconic rock god backstory through to his more recent days of humility and maturity.

Gallagher remains a showman; what the directors reveal is the musician having to work doubly hard to win back those fans he mugged off a decade ago,” confirms the Guardian review.