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Blue Story

28 Nov 2019


Andrew “Rapman” Onwubolu’s first feature film (artist behind the YouTube trilogy Shiro’s Story) tells the story of a feud between two neighbouring boroughs in  South London.

Two friends turn rivals as Timmy (played by Stephen Odwubolu) and Marco (Michael Ward), join rival gangs. Right through secondary school, Timmy and Marco are inseparable and always look out for each other. They live in areas of Peckham and Deptford that are in a post code brawl with one another. Cracks begin to form in their friendship when Marco is attacked by some of Timmy’s old friends.

Previously speaking about the film’s message, Onwubolu said he wanted people to understand how a “good kid” could lose their way.

He told the BBC: “I want people who see the film to learn that these kids are not all spawns of Satan. They didn’t come from child abuse or neglectful mothers. What kids go through in the school playground is so intense, it all starts there.”

Despite being banned from over 100 cinemas across the UK, Rapman’s highly-anticipated Blue Story enjoyed a massive opening weekend at the box office, grossing over £1.3 million since being released on Friday.